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Whether it’s for a night out with friends or for your job, most women love wearing a bit of makeup to enhance their features. But can wearing makeup be harmful for your eyes? After all, the eyes are the most sensitive part of our face. Let’s find out…

Our optometrists at The Eye Scene say that most eye makeup is safe. However, you need to follow some simple rules of hygiene when you apply makeup. First and foremost, if you apply eye makeup at the “waterline” – behind the lash line, where your eyelid meets your eye – it’s more likely to block the meibomian oil glands and cause an infection. False eyelashes, eyelash extensions, eyeliner and mascara – whenever we apply any of these, it may allow bacteria to enter the eye, so be aware of these potential risks and follow the rules below to reduce the risk of eye infection.

Get rid of expired makeup 

No matter how tempting it is to hold onto your favourite makeup products for as long as possible, you should follow this rule religiously. Always replace your makeup whenever it expires. Old makeup can irritate your eyes and create a breeding ground for infection.

Always remove your makeup before you go to sleep

As much as you want to collapse in bed after a long day at work or after a party, it is very important to remove your makeup before you go to sleep at night. It feels like a chore, but this step is essential to keep your eyes healthy and irritation-free. Repeat after us: Do NOT go to bed with makeup on.

Keep your makeup brushes clean

This one is a no-brainer – good eye hygiene means making sure you use clean brushes when applying makeup. Wash and regularly replace old brushes and makeup sponges – at least once a week. This will get rid of product build up. If not, you just keep reapplying the old makeup all over again.

Don’t share your makeup

There are a lot of things you should share with your friends, but makeup isn’t one of them. While it may seem harmless at the time, trading makeup can lead to very serious conditions such as pink eye, flat warts and styes as it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Be careful when it comes to contact lenses

Always buy contact lenses from a reputable eyewear store and make sure you take care of them properly since bacteria can get trapped behind the lens if your lenses are dirty. If you wear daily contacts, do not wear them for more than one day. If you wear regular contact lenses, always ensure they are properly stored in the fresh lens solution. Always wash your hands before putting on your contact lenses. 

Following these simple steps will ensure that you avoid eye infections and contamination and keep your eyes healthy.

If you need contact lenses or have an eye health issue, please make an appointment with our optometrists by calling us on 9362-9944.