Every year, Lindy goes to the international trade show in Paris (well, somebody’s got to do it!) to source the latest eyewear accessories from around the globe.

Spectacle Chains

Beautiful jewellery chains, which allow your glasses to be hung around your neck. You will no longer be searching for your specs, and will look stylish too!

Spectacle Cords

Simple cords to hang your frames around your neck. Styles to suit any look, with materials including satin, acrylic, silk and leather.

Spectacle loops

Exquisite necklaces with a central loop to hang your frames when they are not on your face. These pieces look beautiful and are so functional!

Spectacle Cases

Hard spectacle cases in a range of beautiful colours and styles – protect your eyewear and always handy to spot the bright colours in your handbag!

Spectacle Pouches

A client favourite – these pouches protect your eyewear from being scratched and come in a range of beautiful colours and materials to suit your taste.

Hanging Magnifiers

Ready-made magnifying reading glasses transformed into beautiful necklaces. These pieces are funky and fun, and are super useful when you need to read the menu or price tag!

La Loops

Magnificent necklaces with a central loop to hang your frames when you are not using them. Made from the finest materials including Italian leather, sterling silver and precious stones.

Sports Loops

Functional necklaces with a central loop to hang your frames when they are not on your face. Outdoor-friendly stretch cord and plastic loops are perfect for an active lifestyle.

prescription ski goggles

Custom-made inserts to fit our range of exceptional ski goggles. No longer will you be speeding down the slopes in a blur! 100% UV protection, anti-fog, impact resistant, non-slip grip… we could go on!

Pocket Magnifiers

Ready-made magnifiers, which either fold up very small, or are so compact that they easily slip in your pocket when not in use. A real favourite!

Ready-made readers

Ready-made reading glasses to magnify print when reading. Slim-line frame to easily keep on you in case of reading emergencies.

Magnifying Mirrors

Mirror with 10x magnification, with table stand – perfect for contact lens insertion or applying make-up. And our pocket magnifying mirrors make sure you don’t miss a beat when out and about.