Eye Care


At The Eye Scene, we embrace the latest in design and technology.

We offer a wide range of high-quality lenses including single vision, specialised office lenses,  bifocals, tailor-made multifocals/progressives and even myopia-control spectacl lenses including Miyosmart lenses.

Single Vision Lenses

These lenses are the most simple lens, providing only one focal length. These are often used for a first pair of reading glasses or for those under 40 years of age, including children.

Specialised Office Lenses

We have an extensive range of office lenses to best suit your vocational needs. Most of these lenses prioritise computer vision, and we can customise the desired range of vision, whether it is purely computer/reading vision that you need or if you would like to see clearly from close at the computer to 4 metres.

Multifocal/Progressive Lenses

These are tailor-made lenses made especially for you. They allow you to see from distance driving vision all the way to your phone. Some clients find they are not ideal for computer vision and have another pair for computer use. We take a number of measurements to ensure these lenses are perfectly aligned and are able to customise the proportions of the lens to ensure it fits your lifestyle needs.

Miyosmart Myopia Control Spectacle Lenses

These lenses use revolutionary DIMS technology to correct your child’s myopic refractive error, provide clear vision and slow down their myopia progression. The DIMS technology uses an outer honeycomb-shaped treatment area (defocus zone) to slow down myopia progression and a clear central zone (focus zone) with your child’s prescription. The focus zone provides clear vision, while the defocus zone manages the myopia progression. Feel free to contact our Optometrists if you would like to discuss this further.

We also offer a variety of lens treatments such as scratch-resistance, anti-reflection, transition, polarisation and mirror tinting.

What’s more, we can customise your lenses to suit your needs, your wardrobe, your lifestyle. We work with world-renowned lens suppliers including CR Surfacing, Essilor, Rodenstock, Hoya and Zeiss.