Eye Care
April 3, 2024

Flashes and Floaters: What Should You Do?

As an optometrist, I often have patients presenting who have either experienced flashes and floaters in their vision in the past, or are concerned about new onset of these symptoms.…
Eye Care
April 29, 2021

Does COVID-19 Cause Myopia?

WHAT IS MYOPIA? Myopia, otherwise known as shortsightedness, describes a condition where distance vision is blurred as a result of an elongated eyeball (more common) or a steeply curved cornea. …
tired eyesEye Care
February 22, 2021

How to Get Relief from Dry Eyes

Do your eyes get sore, itchy or tired at the end of a long day? Do you experience blurred vision, especially after too much time in front of a screen?…
February 18, 2021

February 2020 Newsletter

Back to School The school year has started and 2021 is already two months in. As your children get settled into a new academic year, it’s a good idea to…
summer sunglassesEye Care
January 21, 2021

Take Care of Your Eyes in Summer

Summer – our favourite time of the year! While you enjoy the outdoors this holiday season, we’re here to remind you to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV…
December 22, 2020

December 2020 Newsletter

Summer's here and we've got new eyewear that's hot, hot, hot! Get the latest looks from Oliver Peoples, Dita, Celine, Anna-Karin Karlsson and Rigards – just to name a few.…
sleepEye Care
December 20, 2020

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Eyes

Binge-watching Netflix? Working crazy hours at night? Restless night’s sleep? Out socialising until late? We all know how important it is to get some shut-eye to feel refreshed the next…
eye makeupEye Care
November 25, 2020

Is Eye Makeup Bad for Your Eyes?

Whether it’s for a night out with friends or for your job, most women love wearing a bit of makeup to enhance their features. But can wearing makeup be harmful…
November 16, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

As we look forward to summer and a fresh new start, we're excited to announce that The Eye Scene now has a new eyewear brand in store! Introducing... Mr Leight…
June 17, 2020

June 2020 Newsletter

As the world around us gradually reopens, we want to reach out to you to let you know we're here for you – whether it's for your optical needs or…
contact lensEye Care
April 23, 2020

COVID-19 and Contact Lenses

Want to hear some good news? There is currently no evidence to suggest that contact lens wear can increase the risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes…
screen time kidsEye Care
March 23, 2020

Screen Time for Kids

As the COVID-19 crisis takes us into unchartered territory in terms of our health and wellbeing, it’s highly likely that we will be in lockdown mode at home. We’ll be…
eye testEye Care
February 12, 2020

Why do you need to do an eye test?

A question our optometrists at The Eye Scene get asked on a regular basis is: “Why do I need to do an eye examination if I can see clearly?” Good…
bushfire smokeEye Care
January 19, 2020

How to Protect Your Eyes from Bushfire Smoke

As unprecedented bushfires still ravage Australia, we’ve had to contend with smoke haze on a regular basis – even in cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  On some days, the…
2020 visionEye Care
January 15, 2020

What is 20/20 Vision?

You've heard of the phrase “20/20 vision”. But what exactly does it mean?  To put it simply,  20/20 vision refers to someone’s visual acuity — the clarity or sharpness of…
JMM sunglassesEye Care
December 4, 2019

Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Summer’s here and we’re outdoors more – spending time at the beach, going on coasting hikes, camping, going on long holidays, and spending the school holidays out and about. As…
Computer vision syndromeEye Care
November 15, 2019

Digital Devices and Eye Strain

We're addicted to our digital devices – phones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs. We wake up every morning to the buzzing of a phone alarm and then proceed to check…
October 18, 2019

The Theo Trunk Show

The stage is set, the bubbly is chilling, the excitement is building... On Thursday, 24th October, we play host to the Theo Trunk Show! We can't wait to see what…
over 60 eye sightEye Care
October 1, 2019

Eye Health for Over 60s

As we inch into our sixties, we need to be aware of our eyesight and take care of our vision. Many eye diseases have no early symptoms, making it imperative…
astigmatismEye Care
September 17, 2019

Astigmatism Explained

In a nutshell, Astigmatism is an eye condition in which your eyes focus incorrectly due to irregularities in the shape of your cornea. A normal eyeball is perfectly round in…
hyperopiaEye Care
July 20, 2019

What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is also known as long-sightedness or farsightedness. It is a common vision problem caused due to a type of refractive error that makes it difficult to focus or see…
diabetes eye testEye Care
June 24, 2019

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Retinopathy, also known as diabetic eye disease, is a medical condition in which damage occurs to the retina due to diabetes mellitus. Diabetes causes damage to the tiny blood…
dry eyesEye Care
May 21, 2019

Dry Eyes

To use the oft-repeated Game of Thrones catchphrase, ‘Winter is Coming’! At The Eye Scene, this can only mean one thing for our optometrists: a jump in the number of…
macular degenerationEye Care
May 21, 2019

Macular Degeneration Awareness

May is Macular Degeneration Awareness Month and The Eye Scene is getting behind this important awareness campaign. Did you know that age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of…
essilor multifocalEye Care
April 3, 2019

Find Out About Multifocal Lenses

What are a multifocal lenses? Multifocal lenses (also known as progressives) are tailor-made lenses, which combine multiple optical powers in the one lens, without any visible line. These lenses allow…
chrome heartsBrands
April 3, 2019

Chrome Hearts: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Brand We Love

Turn back the clock to 1988 in Los Angeles… When friends and motorbike enthusiasts Richard Stark and John Bowman couldn’t find leather riding gear they liked, they set out to…
optometrist the eye sceneEye Care
March 22, 2019

What to Expect from Our Optometrists

Have you booked an eye test but are not quite sure what to expect from The Eye Scene team? The role of an Optometrist and what happens during an eye…
store windowBrands
March 15, 2019

Have You Seen Our New Store Window?

Eye scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Our new windows are in. Don't you just love the oversized ice pops and the bright colours? They offset the…
Eye Care
March 6, 2019


Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world, affecting over 300,000 Australians. In fact, 1 in 8 Australians aged over 80 years will develop glaucoma. What is…
myopiaEye Care
February 26, 2019


Do you struggle to read road signs while driving? Do you often fail to recognise people in the distance since they appear blurry? Do you have to squint or screw…
December 10, 2018

Welcome Kirk & Kirk

We’re over the moon! The Eye Scene has just received a whole stack of Kirk & Kirk’s brand new optical collection. Trust us when we say no one does colour…
Eye Care
November 25, 2018

Behavioural Optometry

Do you have concerns about your children’s eyesight? Are they getting frustrated when they cannot copy things correctly off the board in class? Do they often get lost on the…
Eye Care
November 15, 2018

7 Tips to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Ah, summer! Australians love spending time outdoors – at the beach, in the backyard or travelling during the school holidays. But be aware – our harsh Australian sun means that…
Eye Care
August 19, 2017

Protect Your Eyes from Digital Eye Strain Using These Tips

The world is going through a pandemic and we are in an unfamiliar situation. Whether it’s about work, social networking, or just doing the things we do, things are no…