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Summer – our favourite time of the year! While you enjoy the outdoors this holiday season, we’re here to remind you to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Did you know that Australia has some of the highest levels of UV (ultraviolet) radiation in the world? This is even worse in summer when the earth is closer to the sun. The dangerous thing about UVA and UVB radiation is that it’s not visible to the naked eye: even if it’s a cloudy day, your eyes may still be exposed to it. As a result, UV radiation can increase your risk of developing cataracts and damaging the eyes’ retina. Our optometrists have listed some ways for you to take care of your eyes in summer.

Wear protective eyewear when you go out 

Did you know that your eyes can get sunburnt too? Yes, you read that right! When sunlight shines off water or other highly reflective surfaces into your eyes, it can cause a painful condition called photokeratitis, which burns the surface of your eye. That’s why you need to make sure you wear good quality sunglasses as well as a hat to get protection against UV radiation. All of our sunglasses at The Eye Scene are designed to block UV rays and to shield your eyes from the harmful exposure to direct sunlight. Browse our collection here.

Don’t rub your eyes and wash your hands if you do

We often touch our eyes even without realising. Rubbing your eyes, or touching your eyes with unwashed hands can put you at risk of getting a pink eye or developing conjunctivitis. Good hygiene pays off – always keep your hands clean, especially if you wear contact lenses frequently.

Wear appropriate eye protection when playing sports

During summer, it’s natural that we spend more time outdoors and play sports. There are different types of active eyewear suitable for every type of sport, especially for swimming, extreme sports and some team sports. The chemicals in swimming pools can irritate the eyes, resulting in blurry vision and redness. Make sure you wear swimming goggles in the pool and splash your eyes with fresh water after your swim.

Get your eyes checked

UV radiation can have a big impact on your vision. Don’t forget to have your eyes checked regularly, especially if you have a pre-existing eye condition.

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