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Do you have concerns about your children’s eyesight? Are they getting frustrated when they cannot copy things correctly off the board in class? Do they often get lost on the page while reading to you? Are you worried that the amount of time they spend on screens is affecting their vision?

Visit our behavioural optometrist and have their eyes examined.

Behavioural optometry is an extended area of optometry which considers more than just whether ones eyes can see the smallest print or 20/20. It carefully examines visual skills such as eye tracking, focussing and eye teamwork to ensure the eyes are working effectively and efficiently. If there are problems in these areas it can seriously affect the way visual information is processed. Even if a child has perfect eyesight, these poor visual skills may negatively affect their performance and/or behaviour and this could contribute or accompany learning difficulties.

Our behavioural optometrist will provide advice on visual habits to prevent or reduce the development of visual problems, may prescribe glasses or vision therapy, or refer to an ophthalmologist or other health-care professional (such as an Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist).

In case spectacles are required, we have an extensive range of children’s spectacle frames and sunglasses to ensure your child finds the perfect pair.

Visit our behavioural optometrist at The Eye Scene and see the difference.