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A question our optometrists at The Eye Scene get asked on a regular basis is: “Why do I need to do an eye examination if I can see clearly?” Good question! It seems unnecessary, doesn’t it? If you can see clearly, nothing should be wrong with your eyesight, right? Er, not quite…

To put it simply, a regular eye test could save your eyesight. Eye exams are crucial for spotting serious eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration that can develop gradually, often without any noticeable signs in their early stages. A comprehensive eye exam by our optometrists will ensure your vision is as clear and comfortable as possible, and that you’re free from potentially serious eye diseases. A recent Australian study showed that over 50% of participants had an eye condition they did not know about until they got their eyes tested. 

The sad fact is, most of us wait until our eyesight has deteriorated before having our  vision examined – and then it’s too late. Think of a regular eye test as a preventative measure to care for your eyes – the same way you visit your dentist for your twice yearly clean. 

Thomas Phaer once said that our eyes are “the windows of the soul”. They are also a very effective window to our overall health. A routine eye exam can alert us to serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer.

How often do I need an eye test?

The frequency depends on your age, your health and your risk of developing eye problems. Our optometrists ask you to book in for an eye examination with us at least every 2 years. You will need to have one every 12 months if you’re over 65 or if you have a pre-existing eye condition such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

What happens during an eye test?

At The Eye Scene, our optometrists will evaluate the sharpness of your vision, as well as examine the internal and external health of your eyes to check for signs of eye disease, UV damage and other eye health conditions. 

Don’t put it off — schedule an eye exam today. Call us on 9362 9944 now.