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Eye Care

The Effects Of Blue Light On Your Eyes

By June 11, 2017May 14th, 2020No Comments

Did you know that the white light that naturally comes from the sun is actually made up of various colours such as green, red, yellow, indigo and violet? When brought together, these colours result in the white light we are all familiar with when out in the sun. What you might not have known is that these colours have different wavelengths, carry distinct energies and can negatively affect the health of our eyes, especially when it comes to blue light.

Sources of Blue Light

Red is a colour that has longer wavelengths, but these waves are also known to carry less energy. Blue rays, on the other hand, carry a lot more energy, but they come with shorter wavelengths. When looking at light that appears to be extremely white, when out in broad daylight, it most likely features a lot of blue in it. This means the human eye is prone to facing larger amounts of wavelengths that are part of the blue spectrum. However, the natural light that comes from the sun is not the only source of blue light that we are exposed to periodically. LED lights, fluorescent light bulbs, computer monitors, tablet and smartphone screens are also sources of blue light we need to pay close attention to. If you normally spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or holding a smartphone in your hand, playing slots online at as a hobby, for example, your eyes are subject to a number of both visible and invisible rays of light that have different effects on their well-being.

Dangers and Advantages of Ultraviolet Rays

You might be familiar with the way in which ultraviolet sun rays tan or burn the skin when sunbathing. Invisible UV rays contain more energy compared to light rays that are visible, making them responsible for triggering various changes at the skin level. In other words, the tan we get when sitting in the sun. if you have ever seen the bulbs inside a tanning booth, you may know they are able to emit a closely-controlled amount of UV rays that can expose the skin in a safe manner for tanning purposes.

However, sitting too much in the sun or visiting the tanning salons too often means being exposed to But too UV radiation for too long., this, in turn, will sunburns that tend to be painful and even lead to various skin conditions, including melanoma. The same UV rays can also cause burns in the eyes, which is actually a real condition known as “snow blindness” or “photokeratitis”.

On the other hand, moderate exposure to UV rays can also have beneficial effects on human health. For example, it can aid the body to produce the right amount of vitamin D, which is essential for keeping our bones and immune system working normally.

Our Eyes And Blue Lightblue light phone

Given the fact that about one-third of all the visible light around us is labelled as blue light or light that has large amounts of energy, it is important to know a few critical details about it. Your smartphone and tablet only generate about a fraction of the HEV light that the sun can generate. Nonetheless. The more time we spend in front of our favourite devices and the proximity of the screens to our face are matters of concern for many ophthalmologists.

HEV light is the high-energy light that makes the gives the sky the blue colour and it is positioned at the end of the blue spectrum of visible light. It can scatter a lot simpler compared to other visible rays of light when hitting the air and water in the atmosphere. The more scattered these rays, the more blue a sky without clouds will appear.

While the lens and the corneas will usually do a pretty good job at keeping UV rays at bay and out of the retina, the same cannot be said about the blocking of blue light. This means almost all blue light can get to the retina through the cornea and lenses. Since blue light can cause eye strain when subject to it for long periods of time, it is best to use blue light filters and eyewear that can protect you from it. Being exposed to blue light for too much could cause damage to the retina’s cells that are sensitive to light, which could cause macular degeneration and, eventually, vision loss.

HEV light, on the other hand, can also boost your state of alertness, improve your memory and mood and even treat some forms of depression. Even our sleep patterns can be regulated and improved with the help of blue light, as long as we do not expose to it for too long. A few quick rounds of online slots players on your phone an hour or two before going to bet at night should, therefore, keep you on the safe side. Remember that moderation is key.