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The world is going through a pandemic and we are in an unfamiliar situation. Whether it’s about work, social networking, or just doing the things we do, things are no longer normal. And for many of us, the biggest impact is on the economy or the way we work. Instead of the traditional 8-to-5 work arrangement, companies today have adopted the ‘new normal’ in work. This means working at home with the use of laptops, desktops, and other devices. It offers a flexible way to work, and it has been welcomed by many employees. Just imagine completing work from the comforts of one’s home. However, the remote work arrangement has its own drawbacks too. And if we’re not careful, it may bring in more problems than solutions.

What’s a Digital Eye Strain?

One such problem that remote workers may experience is ‘digital eye strain’. Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) or Digital Eye Strain is not new to us. It refers to a medical condition where individuals suffer from various vision and eye issues caused due to heavy screen usage. Individuals suffering from CVS can experience various symptoms related though the most common ones are as follows.

  • Itchy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in shoulder and neck joints
  • Strain in the eyes

Note: Any of these symptoms can also refer to the other underlying diseases, therefore, visit your doctor as soon as you have any of these symptoms for more than 3 days, 

More than 60 million individuals suffer from CVS globally. Though what’s concerning here is the sudden increase in the number of individuals suffering from the syndrome. This sudden increase points towards our work from home routine and which is not only affecting us mentally but also physically.

Here are Things You Can Do

Although it’s common, there are ways on how we can prevent this condition. And you don’t need to spend or invest in medications just to protect your eyesight. If you’re a remote worker and you want to protect your eyesight, you may want to consider the following tips.

  • 30 Minutes Cycles: The best way to protect your eyes is by working in 30-minute cycles. It involves the practice of working 30 minutes and then taking a 10minute break. This routine not only saves you from straining your eyes but also gives you the time to relax your mind hence, your productivity is dramatically increased.
  • Use of Computer Glasses: For the ultimate protection we would recommend you to go for the computer glasses. These glasses are specifically designed to lower the effects of the harmful rays coming from the computer screens. You can buy these glasses online though if you are suffering from a pre-existing eye condition, we would recommend you visit your eye doctor and get yourself a pair of prescribed glasses.
  • Optimal Light: The most common cause of CVS is the absence of optimal light on our workstation. Low light causes the eyes to continuously adjust according to different wavelengths, one coming from the computer screen and another one from the background. Bright lights coming from harsh interior florists or the sunlight coming from outside also has the same effect on your eyes. Try avoiding both approaches and use white LEDs that will give you soft white light and help you decrease eye-straining.
  • Blink More Often: This is our advice for online casino designers or enthusiasts out there. We all know that the premium casino games available today are available in engaging themes with rich graphics and colors. And it’s challenging not to watch every spin or shuffle of the cards, knowing that you’re waiting for a win. But if you love your eyes, we recommend that you blink more often. Try to blink a few times each minute, and move your eyes away from the screen. 
  • Keep a Desk Plant: Having a plant on your workstation highly affects your mind and body. Studies show that plants in the office improve air quality, enhance creativity, lower stress, and strain thus improving the overall efficiency. The study also shows that the green color has a healthy effect on your eyes as it gives your mind a relaxing sensation and the whole body including eyes responds to it in a good way.
  • Adjust Your Screen Settings: Lastly, we would recommend you to adjust your screen setting by lowering your screen’s brightness to a comfortable level.  Keep this in mind when visiting your favorite websites whether these are work-related or popular India casinos that offer impressive visuals. Also, try enlarging your fonts so you can easily read from a safe distance without staring.