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Foolproof Styling Secrets For Women Who Wear Glasses

By February 12, 2016May 31st, 2020No Comments

Do you remember that a few years ago wearing glasses was considered rather dorky and not by far as cool, edgy or stylish as it is seen today? As experts in eyewear and lovers of eyewear fashion, we have kept a close eye on all the trends. This has helped us understand what are the best ways to style our specs and have them complement our outfits on special occasions or a regular, day to day basis. Today, we are going to share some of our findings with you.

Choose Small-Sized Accessories Instead Of Statement Piecesblackjack

We all have one or two sets of statement earrings that we love to wear on a fun night out, during a special day or on a weekend getaway at a luxurious casino in Sydney where we can indulge in some long hours of casino glam and fun. However, if you are wearing prescription glasses and the frames are already pretty bulky or bold, you shouldn’t focus too much on wearing large accessories that stand out. Instead, we suggest you focus on having your glasses draw more attention to your face and avoid creating an overwhelming look. Smaller pieces should nicely add a small touch of style and polish while not coming off as overly-distracting. Ideally, glasses should be regarded as purposeful accessories and not something you put on when rolling out of bed and get out the door. Those tiny and, why not, sparkly earrings will bring your outfit and overall look together in a delicate way.

Also, you may want to focus on coordinating the colour of materials in your earrings and other jewellery to the colour of the frames. A regular brown frame works well with golden jewellery, while silver or clear or cooler tones match silver or stone rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Black frames are the most versatile and they can be styled with any accessory. Of course, when wearing your favourite leggings and sweatshirt playing a relaxing game of blackjack online, there’s no one stopping you from stying your glasses whatever you want.

If you plan on wearing a floppy covering half your face or some bulky and flashy accessories for your hair, you will, most likely, look a little too busy. Try to wear fedoras and hats with smaller brims that can nicely sit off the face and choose barrettes or accessories that are less bulkier so you can keep your locks out of your face. Try to keep the same advice in mind when trying to style your sunglasses.

Dress Up

Try to always wear at least one element of your outfit on the elegant, dressier or classy side so you can avoid a too loose and casual look, especially when going to work and attending meetings. It could be anything from a well-fitted jacket to a pair of high-heels or pointed flats. You need little to stay polished.

Pay Attention To Your Makeup

Try to steer clear from your regular black eyeliner and replace it with a navy one. Do the same with your heavy eyeshadow and opt for a lighter one, while avoiding your favourite wings as they may pop up as a little too much when your glasses are magnifying them. On the other hand, a deep blue should do a great job at defining your eyes, similarly to black eyeliner, while also making the whites pop up more. Add a touch of rose gold eye shadow on the lids and you’ll get a spectacular look suitable for wearing your glasses.

Use Your Concealer And Mascara The Right Way

Try to throw the focus on those areas that are closest to your frames, including the area under the eyes, around the house or on the cheeks when applying your regular concealer. If you have a favourite creamy concealer, try to replace it with a liquid one instead. Creamy concealers usually migrate to the nose pads of the glasses.

You should try to apply your mascara at the roots. Start by applying the first coat normally, then try to wiggle the wand at the base for the second one and use pull out moves instead of your regular upwards moves through your lashes. You will get to frame your eyes better by adding extra pigment at the roots, and this is great when wearing your glasses and trying to make your eyes pop through the lenses. Plus, you will be less likely to have your lashes poke the insides of the frames throughout the day.

Finally, make sure you go as bold as you want with your lips. Pink, nude glosses, red or coral layered lipstick freely will balance out the heavy frames and prevent your overall look from feeling too loose.