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In a nutshell, Astigmatism is an eye condition in which your eyes focus incorrectly due to irregularities in the shape of your cornea. A normal eyeball is perfectly round in shape. Light comes into it and bends evenly, which gives you clear vision. But if your eye is oval-shaped, light gets bent more in one direction than another, which means only part of an object is in focus. This results in blurred, wavy or distorted vision. Astigmatism can be present at birth or can develop gradually during the course of your life.


Since astigmatism symptoms come on slowly, visit our optometrists as soon as you notice a change in your vision. Uncorrected astigmatism may cause the same symptoms as long- and short-sightedness, or have no symptoms at all, but it makes people struggle with easy everyday tasks. In some cases, the corneas may be very irregular (keratoconus) and will require more advanced treatment to prevent eyesight loss.


If you have blurry vision and think you might have astigmatism, visit The Eye Scene for a thorough eye test. Our optometrists will help you by prescribing glasses (or contact lenses) to aid your vision. They can also recommend options like laser corrective surgery. Call us today on 9362 9944 or book online.