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Behavioural Optometry

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Do you have concerns about your children’s eyesight? Are they getting frustrated when they cannot copy things correctly off the board in class? Do they often get lost on the page while reading to you? Are you worried that the amount of time they spend on screens is affecting their vision?

Visit our behavioural optometrist and get their eyes tested.

A behavioural optometrist takes a holistic approach to your child’s eye health. They assess not just your child’s eyesight but also the way his/her mind functions considering both, the visual motor and the visual cognitive skills. They assess eye movements/tracking, focusing ability and eye coordination/alignment. These skills are imperative to efficient, comfortable and sustained vision and therefore contribute to the ease of visual information processing.

A behavioural optometrist will suggest ways to prevent or reduce the development of visual problems and may suggest vision therapy to enhance and develop visual skills. In case spectacles are required, we have an extensive range of children’s spectacle frames and sunglasses to ensure your child finds the perfect pair.

Visit our behavioural optometrist at The Eye Scene and see the difference.